Account Dashboard & Getting Started! (10)

This category is full of helpful content about our account dashboard and other account related items including how to get rolling!

cPanel (6)

We use cPanel, the popular server control system, on our shared server. This category has tips, tricks, and ideas for how to use it to the max.

Enterprise Options (5)

The Enterprise package takes VPS and clusters them together linked with 3rd party services to make a whole different beast. You start with 100% uptime and can grow from that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (4)

Answers to the most common questions asked.

Payments & Billing (1)

Hassle-free billing is our middle name.

Policies (2)

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Softaculous and Popular Web Applications (3)

We use Softaculous to help install and manage various web applications including Wordpress, NextCloud, phpBB, Coppermine, Zurmo, Moodle, and MANY MANY others.

VPS Ownership (6)

Managing a VPS is a complicated and boring thing. Fortunately we are here to help with setup, maintenance, and scale so you can focus on other things.

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